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    Level: 99/ 70

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    Next castle is Eeyolbriggar
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    Sydney Punch

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99/70 Pre-Renewal.
Base Exp: 100x. Job Exp: 100x. Drop: 5x/5x/Custom.
Boss & MVP Card: Disabled WOE PVP.
Server Features:
✅ HourlyPoints ✅ Cute Costume Headgears ✅ +40% Exp Gained for Parties ✅ 20 Level Gap for Leech ✅ Auto Attack (Disable - Discus on Discord POLL) ✅ Pet Auto Support ✅ K.O.E.

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Ragnarok Story Line
Long and grueling holy war waged on for many years. The war between God, the humans and the demons caused a great deal of damage to everyone involved. After the war, human beings entered into a truce with God and the demons. This uneasy period of peace would last a thousand years. In the times of peace, in the world of Midgard, the humans would eventually forget about the miseries and hardships of war. They became conceited and selfish with little knowledge of their part in the war of the past. Bizarre occurrences begin to break the balance of peace in several places of Midgard. A roaring sound that blocks God, humans and demons suddenly appears. Unprovoked attacks from wild animals along with earthquakes and tidal waves ravish the people of Midgard. As the peace begins to break down, legends of the mysterious demons begin to be told by various adventurers. Stories of Ymir, which has been responsible for maintaining the peace for so long, begin to circulate as well. Excited adventurers begin to search for these pieces. Some search for wealth, others to make a name for themselves and some for their own twisted goals. The search begins without anyone knowing the true essence of the pieces of Ymir....

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